CQ 10 and CQ 12

10m and 12m seem to have significantly less qrm than the other bands, therefore I`ll focus on these two. Unfortunately also significantly less openings 😉


CQ from Cairo

After the first QSOs from Cairo I have to state that it`s not always easy to work within the limitations you have. A QRM level of 7-9 (I ususally QRT once it reaches S9) and a low hanging dipole does not make it very easy. Actually it`s quite disappointing to not being able to hear stations coming back due to the QRM. However I`ll keep on trying to do as many contacts as possible in my spare time on 20m and 17m. Hope to hear you soon. 73′

Homemade Hexbeam (5 Bands)


New project which will require some time to be finished, basically due to logistics. Hope to finalize a very lightweight and mobile Hexbeam by the end of the year. Packaging should not exceed 58cm in length to be able to transport it as hand luggage if needed.

Current part list -as below- will add up to about 260,00 Euros. For sure it`s not complete and some parts contain spares such as 1 spare fishing pole and mast parts.

1 Fishing poles Decathlon 7 118.9
2 BW Mast plugable Ebay 6 24.7
3 RG-142 Aliexpress 5 22.5
4 Schneidbrett Ebay 1 16.2
5 H05V-K (=AWG 18) Ebay 100 14.3
6 Schlauchschellen Aliexpress 50 13.0
7 Flansch V2A SHF35 Aliexpress 2 10.7
8 Karabiner Aliexpress 30 8.6
9 Line 1mm Aliexpress 100 7.0
10 V2A Flansch Ebay 2 6.0
11 Kabelschuhe Ebay 60 4.4
12 UHF-Spezial/6 PL Stecker Kusch 1 3.7
13 Kernbohrer 30mm Aliexpress 1 2.5
14 Kabelbinder Edelstahl 20x Aliexpress 20 2.5
15 FlĂźgelschrauben Aliexpress 20 2.4
16 Schrumpfschlauch Ebay 2 2.0
17 Karabiner Aliexpress 50 1.8



Operating from Cairo, Egypt mainly on 20m. Please be aware that due to significant man-made QRM between S7-9 the it is very difficult to make contacts at all.

However, will try to make some contacts. QSL for this one only via LOTW. 73`s



DM4DX from Velen, Germany. QRT from the old location. Used a Fritzel FB-33 Tri-Band Yagi on 20/15/10, 40m Delta Loop and 80m Dipol. 12/17m only with basic dipols.

QSL via DARC Bureau and LOTW. Please be aware that I receive QSLs not regularly, so be aware that it might take a year (!) or two. All QSOs are uploaded to ARRL LOTW.


CAT Control Kenwood TS-50

Next project: Building a CAT Control interface for the TS-50. There is some information available on the net, e.g. steeman.be and by EA2CXK (from where I have the Optocoupler diagram (using a 4N35). But I was missing a comprehensive approach which combines CAT, PTT and CW triggering via the PC. My theoretical approach will look like the one below using a CP2104. Not sure if it will work, but I`ll keep you posted as soon as I start the project and have the components available. I will be using:

CP2104 USB Interface, 1.69 USD:  Aliexpress CP2104
CN6 Connectors, 1.83 USD:  Ebay, CN6-Connector (JST 1.5mm)

Still thinking about a proper connection with a jack, but decided to check if the module causes any interference and has to move outside of the Trx.